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Delivering solutions no matter the challenge

Boasting a comprehensive range of forestry, estate and land management services, Scottish Woodlands approached Hill-Tec Ltd on behalf of their client, ScotRail, to assist them with a drainage fault on a section of railway track that was causing significant flooding to a domestic property adjacent to the site. 

Tasked with mobilising the area, this was a project that required us to leverage our advanced surveying techniques to help establish the root cause of the issue at hand and develop an effective solution to prevent further flooding.

Ensuring everyone’s on the right track

With an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and operational excellence, Scottish Woodlands took swift action when ScotRail approached them to address flooding near a section on live track and residential property.


However, in order to get to the root of the problem, Scottish Woodlands sought the professional assistance of the Hill-Tec team, to help identify and resolve this issue. 



With the health and safety of all involved on this project a priority, our first course of action was to ensure precautions were in place. As the team would be working in close proximity to a live rail line, it was of paramount importance that all safety documentation was addressed and adhered to. 


Adding to this, a number of health and safety inspections and protocols were put in place by Scottish Woodlands to support our operations. Through meticulous planning and execution, our team was able to complete a comprehensive topographical survey that would ensure that any work that would need to be carried out could be done so, accurately and efficiently – aligning our commitment to precision and quality, with Scottish Woodlands commitment to delivering unparalleled customer care.


Working through the night under the control of a line possession, which was facilitated and managed by Scottish Woodlands, we were able to use a combination of Trimble Robotic Total Station and R12i GPS to collect the data we needed to support the next steps of this project. This information was correlated with site photos and existing Ordnance Survey Maps to create a full and concise overview of the land. 


With this data, we were able to locate the issue and deliver a full and concise site report that offered various recommendations to rectify the problem.

A first class recommendation

The survey works undertaken were a success and following the delivery of the site report, topographical information and site drawings, the affected area was located and the reasons for the flooding were understood.  


John MacPherson, regional manager at Scottish Woodlands, lauded Hill-Tec’s professionalism and the invaluable assistance provided throughout the project, sharing: “I am delighted to offer my sincere appreciation to Hill-Tec Ltd for their exceptional survey work on our rail section. 


“Their prompt mobilisation, along with their professionalism, left us thoroughly impressed, and the clear and concise data they provided proved invaluable, assisting us in making well-informed decisions at every turn. 


“Without hesitation, I would wholeheartedly recommend Hill-Tec for its outstanding services. Their dedication to excellence is truly commendable.”


The success of this collaboration between Scottish Woodlands and Hill-Tec exemplifies the power of partnership and innovation in addressing complex challenges. 


By leveraging advanced surveying techniques and a commitment to excellence, we were able to demonstrate our capacity to support clients like Scottish Woodlands in achieving their objectives while upholding the highest industry standards.

Next stop?

By engaging with Hill-Tec to undertake similar works, we can save your business or project costs and delays, by ensuring you have accurate data and analysis available quickly.  


Our team is well-equipped and experienced across multiple disciplines of engineering – both as consultants and contractors – meaning we understand not just the survey aspect, but best practices to solve problems effectively for our clients.


Connect with Hill-Tec Ltd today and allow us to assist you with your next challenge.

Managing Director

Gordon Simpson

“We have found Duncan and his team to be incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and good value for money – in some cases even saving us money with solutions they have identified. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hill Tec and their services.”

Managing Director

Ralph Chamberlain

“The site had quite a few challenges but Hill Tec managed to work their way through them and get things completed, displaying a wide range of skills from machine work to engineering and concrete finishing. GPHL will definitely consider employing Hill-Tec again!”

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