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Joining the team at Grant Plant Hire Ltd

Founded in 1983, Grant Plant Hire Ltd (GPHL) is a family-run business, located in Penrith and working across Cumbria and Scotland. The firm specialises in steel piled cofferdams, in-river working, pipeline installation, deep drainage, hydroelectric schemes and tidal works, as well as traditional civil engineering services. 

It was specifically the deep drainage and concrete services required for these types of civil engineering works that GPHL was undertaking when Hill-Tec started on site. 

As part of a recent Ministry of Defence project, the firm was looking for a small team to assist in finalising a project. GPHL had previously worked with one of our founding partners, Darren Reid, and being impressed with the quality of work, their team consulted him on the matter.

Our engineers provided services and qualifications that fit the bill, so after a brief consultation with the client we were more than happy to carry out the remaining work needed for the job. 

Specialist services to ensure the suitability of materials and the safety of the project

We assisted GPHL with the installation of new reinforced concrete for their flood alleviation system – including placing and finishing large-scale profiled granolithic benching within the drainage culvert. 

Throughout the process, our team inspected the concrete, allowing us to ensure it was up to standard and suitable for its required use. We then worked on constructing the granolithic benching, a common term for the smooth surface that is needed to sit between the manhole wall and the channel pipes. It is used to prevent any blockages due to the build up of waste and water in the drainage culvert. 

Saving both time and money through the use of a highly efficient and qualified team

The project took place over a four-week period, in which we carried out the work at a fixed cost – saving GPHL a large amount of time and money. This was due to our quick mobilisation, our varied skill set and the access that we have to our own plant machinery. 

For every client we work with, we tackle each obstacle and complete every task to the highest possible standard. Our team’s expertise and equipment help ease the demands of any job we work on, regardless of the duration or magnitude of the project. 

GPHL director Ralph Chamberlain said: “The site had quite a few challenges but Hill-Tec managed to work their way through them and get things completed, displaying a wide range of skills from machine work to engineering and concrete finishing. GPHL will definitely consider employing Hill-Tec again on projects in the north of Scotland.”

The team at GPHL was so impressed that we were able to deliver such a high quality service, both on time and within budget, that they have already booked in several projects with us throughout the course of 2023.

Providing more than just the construction

Our varied skillset allowed GPHL to take full advantage of Hill-Tec’s services. We were able to survey and set out the construction site, manage both the project and the subcontractors that were working with us, and enforce all HSEQ regulations over the course of the operation. 

As part of our construction management service, our engineers oversee every aspect of the project and find the best possible solutions to maintain safe working conditions, ensure budgets are adhered to, and meet high quality standards – just as we did for GPHL.

Nothing can stand in the way of us helping you achieve your goals

With 35 years of experience, our professional team, and an impressive array of equipment, we, at Hill-Tec Ltd, offers a comprehensive construction and engineering site support service.

Situated in the Highlands, we take pride in addressing the needs of businesses and domestic clients throughout the region, tailoring our support to match specific project requirements.

Our team is equipped with expert knowledge and a deep understanding of all construction and engineering processes, honed through our involvement in the UK’s most significant infrastructure projects.

We also have CSCS/CPCS training, and our engineers boast accreditations like SMSTS, lifting operations appointed person, and CPCS Black Card, ensuring your project is in the most capable hands.

Connect with Hill-Tec Ltd today and allow us to assist you with your next challenge.

Managing Director

Gordon Simpson

“We have found Duncan and his team to be incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and good value for money – in some cases even saving us money with solutions they have identified. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hill Tec and their services.”

Managing Director

Ralph Chamberlain

“The site had quite a few challenges but Hill Tec managed to work their way through them and get things completed, displaying a wide range of skills from machine work to engineering and concrete finishing. GPHL will definitely consider employing Hill-Tec again!”

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