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Do you have an ongoing project, or a technically challenging infrastructure project on the horizon? We are here to ensure you have all the expert info you need at the start of any project. Drop us a message below to find out how we can help you!

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Hill-Tec Ltd have

Over 20 years of Civil Engineering experience in the renewable energy sector.

We have the knowledge and expertise to install and work on a range of renewable energy projects, from small hydro schemes right up to large-scale hydro dams.

We can carry out the work required for pipeline construction or work with your team to ensure it is carried out safely. We have extensive knowledge across renewable energy sectors whether it be pipelines, battery storage or harnessing wind energy - we can come in and support your team, helping save on time and resources.

How can we help?

At Hill-Tec Ltd we can provide: 

  • Project Management
  • HSEQ
  • Setting Out
  • Topography Survey 
  • Construction of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Lifting Operations 



Ensuring the use of safe equipment

We will oversee the installation of PUWER solutions as per the Provisions and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.
We will ensure that all equipment complies with these rules and, if not, we will provide and fit new equipment that meets the necessary requirements. This can be anything from handrails, ladders and ramps to points of inertia.

How does it work?

At Hill-Tec Ltd, our Renewables Service is dedicated to seamless integration and comprehensive service. 

Whether you need us to integrate with your existing teams or require a complete setup from our extensive network of skilled contractors, we are equipped to handle all aspects of your project.

We pride ourselves on being a transparent business, built on integrity, ensuring that every phase of your project is managed with clear communication and high ethical standards. 

This approach guarantees efficiency and accountability, helping you achieve sustainable success with minimal hassle.

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