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Hill-Tec Ltd proudly joins the Federation of Small Businesses, already benefiting from their Member Insurance Services

Navigating through the intricate weaves of the construction industry, we are delighted to announce our recent membership with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Our alliance with the FSB, a stalwart supporter of small enterprises across the UK, signifies a union of not just businesses, but of shared values and mutual growth aspirations.

Embracing FSB’s Robust Network and Offerings

We’ve wholeheartedly welcomed the myriad of resources provided through our new FSB membership. Both Jim Aitken and David Richardson have been instrumental during our onboarding period, ensuring that we were not only well-acquainted but thoroughly versed with all the member benefits available to us. A standout advantage of our affiliation with the FSB has been the swift implementation of their extensive construction insurance. This pivotal resource acts as a sturdy safeguard for our projects and operations, assuring heightened security and risk management in our Civil Engineering, Project Management, and Site Management ventures in Inverness and across the Highlands.

A Partnership Symbolising Security and Growth

This partnership with the FSB is not only a testament to our continuous strive towards operational excellence and business security but also a commitment to safeguarding our clients’ interests and investments. The immediate utilisation of FSB’s insurance offering underlines our proactive approach to secure, reliable, and robust construction services, ensuring Hill-Tec Ltd’s projects continue to be synonymous with reliability and quality.

In an environment where stability and risk management are paramount, our alliance with the FSB not only strengthens our operational backbone but also signifies our relentless pursuit of excellence, security, and unbridled quality in every project. 

FSB Membership advisor Jim Aitken said “We are delighted to welcome Duncan into the FSB as a new member. He runs a superb civil engineering business covering many aspects to help others. He is very knowledgeable and can provide brilliant support for you. It’s fantastic that Hill-Tec have already connected with FSB Insurance to take advantage of the offers they have to help businesses. Look forward to working and meeting again with Duncan in the future.” 

Special Offer: Exclusive Discount on Management Services for FSB Members

In celebration of our partnership and as a gesture of our commitment to the FSB network, we are excited to extend an exclusive offer to all FSB members. We’re offering a 10% discount on the first invoice for our Management Services. Our breadth of services encompasses meticulous Project and Site Management, tailored to navigate the specifics and complexities of your construction projects, ensuring they’re delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. To explore our range of services in further detail, please click here.

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