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Do you have an ongoing project, or a technically challenging infrastructure project on the horizon? We are here to ensure you have all the expert info you need at the start of any project. Drop us a message below to find out how we can help you!

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The Hill-Tec Ltd team can

Help to reduce the environmental impact of your project.

Let us assist you in some of the most technical areas of groundwork and deep drainage, to ensure your project is carried out safely, minimising the risk of any environmental damage.

Coast erosion and marine works GPS

We work in an environmentally sensitive manner to ensure that no harm comes to local wildlife or its habitat. To prevent this, we are able to implement segregated works and carry out any necessary environmental mitigations on the project.

We will work with you to develop a proactive solution that ensures work is able to be carried out and that animals are undisturbed. 



Our groundwork services include:

At Hill-Tec Ltd, we pride ourselves in being able to work to specific measurements and can ensure any project is carried out to the correct standards and all measurements or tolerances are met. With our groundworks and drainage services, we go above and beyond for our clients – meaning projects are carried out to a much higher standard, due to our attention to detail and focus on environmental safety. 

If you feel your project could benefit from that little bit more groundwork or drainage knowledge to help it succeed, then don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Decline in

Wildlife populations

Work by WWF found that wildlife populations have declined by 69 per cent since 1970. So we do what we can to prevent that number from increasing due to groundwork projects


Increase in

Satisfied customers

Our customers appreciate that we have such a strong approach to environmental safety as it can save them from experiencing any problems in the future


Increase in

Client money saved

Due to the fact we have a hands on approach to all the technical details we actually end up saving our clients in the long run! We've successfully saved x% of our clients money on their groundwork projects

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